Dr. John Minye, D.D.S.


Dr. John Minye, a board-certified dentist in private practice since 1998,  offers personalized dental care in his beautiful office in Santa Rosa, California. When you walk into Dr. Minye's office, rather than entering a bustling office with multiple dentists, you can expect to find a serene and warm atmosphere where you will receive one-to-one care and attention.
John cares for and values each patient, taking his time to listen and  understand a  patient's  overall health and any special needs or concerns they may have, taking the whole picture into consideration when treatment planning. 
He performs a variety of procedures including basic evaluations and treatments, crowns, fillings, veneers, implants, tooth extractions, bridges, full and partial dentures and custom mouth guards.
Recognizing the dangers of heavy metals and toxins in dentistry, Dr. Minye only uses mercury-free crowns and fillings, and advises patients on the most effective, efficient and gentle methods for heavy metal detoxification, which can be necessary as heavy metals accumulate over time.
Prior to starting his own private practice in 1998, Dr. Minye worked as an Associate Dentist at practices in Oakland, Santa Rosa, and Albany. He obtained certification from the National Dental Board and received his license from the California Dental Board in 1992. That same year, he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco.
Aside from his work as a dentist, Dr. John Minye stays involved with several charitable organizations. He supports the San Francisco AIDS Foundation  has served as the Treasurer for the Redwood Empire Chapter of the American Guild of Organists,  and  gives to The Smile Train, a nonprofit organization bringing cleft lip surgery to children in third-world countries.
Dr. Minye is an avid Yoga practitioner, and  also enjoys outdoor athletic activities such as biking, mountain climbing, running and scuba diving. He and his wife,  Jazz pianist and singer, (former Yoga teacher),  Jill Minye, love spending time together and enjoy classic films, music, theater and spending time in Nature.

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